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Welcome to Killen Ink Beauty!

Hi *wave* Thank you so much for coming to the Killen Ink website, I appreciate every single person who cares to take the time to learn more about Killen Ink. My name is Sarah Killen, owner of Killen Ink Beauty. I am a professional makeup artist specializing in bridal and beauty makeup. I started my career back in 2007 working for top brands such as M.A.C, Burberry, Chanel, Armani and YSL (to name a few). Makeup and beauty play a major part of my everyday life and I can honestly say it is my absolute joy and passion to make women (and men) look and feel amazing, not only with my artistic skills but also with lasting relationships and good old conversation.

In 2015  I decided to put my 2 passions together, tattoos and make-up! I never thought I was going to make this kind of impact on my clients' lives. I am so passionate about what I do and I can’t wait to give you your mornings back! I swear, waking up with make-up is truly life-changing! I am so looking forward to welcoming you to my studio. I carefully curated it to provide a warm and welcoming space for friends and clients to gather. This isn’t your regular ol’ beauty parlor. This is my home away from home where I get to meet the most amazing people.

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